Privacy Policy

The privacy of our site visitors to is essential to us.

At, we understand that Privacy of any visitors personal information is important. Here is the way, we collect of visitors personal information and what types of information while you operate and visit and the way we keep safe your information. We never compromise or sell your personal records to third parties.

Log files

We receive and use the data stored in log files as like most of the other websites do. and the types of information in log documents are collect are your IP (net protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider, which include AOL or Shaw Cable), the types of browser you use to visit ( For example Internet Explorer or Firefox or Google chrome). And also, collect the visiting time, which pages you are visiting in our website online.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We do use cookies to save information, such as your personal information like the time you visit in this website. This may show a pop up once when you visit our website or you will have the ability to login or sign up in our some of our features like forums.

You may find some third party advertisements on what we do this to support our website. Most of the advertisers might also use cookie system and web beacons when they advertise on this website which also send your information like your IP address, ISP, the browser information. This cookies and web beacons are generally used for the intent of geotargeting (i.e. California telecom company ads showing to someone in California) or show ads on specific search or site visited (i.e. showing Mobile company ads to who frequently searching for mobile related products).

DoubleClick DART cookies

This site may also use google DoubleClick DART cookies, which send a cookie to your computer when you browsing our site or visit a site who is using DoubleClick ads (like Google Adsense ads). This cookie is used for targeting people’s interest. For example, This cookie will store your previous browsing history and show you ads based on what did you browse before or what you were interested in.
DART uses “non-personally identifiable information”. This cookie never stores your personal information like your name, e-mail address, contact address, credit card details, bank account numbers, cell phone number,
If you don’t like you can avoid this system for all sites using this advertising by following this website

You have the right to disable all cookies and also other website cookies by your browser settings or using third party application such as Norton Internet security. However, this can impact you by how you interact with our site and also other websites as well.
Finally, you will able to delete all the cookies after visiting the site. When you delete any cookies doesn’t mean that it’s deleted permanently. Every time you visit a which running advertisement, a new cookie will be added.